Usually, there’s nothing worth remembering about visiting a hair salon, nor is it considered to be an experience.
Well, this time I gained a different perspective when I visited a hair salon around the corner. It wasn’t something fancy, just a well-designed one. What amazed me, though, was the system they have developed and applied.

The Processes, Systems and the Hooks

The welcome hook: Once I entered, a lady welcomed me with a big smile. She asked me if I had an appointment, and since it was my first time there she assigned me a to “specialist in men’s haircuts”.

Treat hook: While waiting for the “specialist”, I was offered a catalogue of beverages to choose from – exactly like ordering from a coffee shop – free of charge.

Authority Hook: Once they had me prepared, I met the specialist. With her warm, soft voice she introduced herself, told me how she worked (“only with scissors”). We talked about how I had had my hair done in the past and what style I preferred at this point. Finally, she told me that the process would take approximately 25 – 28 minutes.

Upselling Hook: Once completed, she showed me how to do the styling on my own, and introduced me to a hair product she recommended. She didn’t mention anything about its price or whether they actually sold it on the spot, just that this product was maybe the best on the market. And of course, I bought it…

The Repeat Hook: Fast forward to the cashier, who asked me if I was satisfied with the outcome and if I wanted to subscribe to their email list so they could send me new offers. Plus, I’d have the ability to get a discount for each referral.
I did get their (non-spammy) newsletter, and I also recommended this hair salon to my colleagues.

Now, after my second visit there, guess what? Every little detail – from the greeting to exit – in the process remains the same.
My point is that a simple hair salon has managed to systematize a customer experience more successfully than many other established businesses out there.
More than this – this local business has laid a foundation that can be duplicated anywhere the owner chooses to.
How? By setting up a simple, linear procedure that starts from the moment a new customer steps in to the point that she or he becomes a repeat customer.

Do you recognize a system when you see it? Most importantly, does your business have a system?