Author: Nasos Gavalas

Lessons learned from a hair salon: system hooks

Reading Time: 2 minutesUsually, there’s nothing worth remembering about visiting a hair salon, nor is it considered to be an experience.
Well, this time I gained a different perspective when I visited a hair salon around the corner.
Do you recognize a system when you see it?

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Should you hire a (dedicated) Product Owner?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe often hear about companies transitioning to Agile and specifically into Scrum. They set the Development team and assign to an Agile coach to be the Scrum master and –to a large extent- to be also responsible for introducing Scrum to the company and facilitating events. However, more often than not, these companies tend to forget the third –and equally crucial- component of the Scrum Team: the Product Owner (PO), who is basically responsible for the What –building the right product, and the Why -conveying the product vision to the Team and the company. According to Roman Pichler, a leading Agile...

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Nasos Gavalas is the co-founder & CEO of Eazybnb (improves the short-term rental system) who loves to build Products, Systems and people's skills.

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