Author: Nasos Gavalas

Should you hire a (dedicated) Product Owner?

We often hear about companies transitioning to Agile and specifically into Scrum. They set the Development team and assign to an Agile coach to be the Scrum master and –to a large extent- to be also responsible for introducing Scrum to the company and facilitating events. However, more often than not, these companies tend to forget the third –and equally crucial- component of the Scrum Team: the Product Owner (PO), who is basically responsible for the What –building the right product, and the Why -conveying the product vision to the Team and the company. According to Roman Pichler, a leading Agile Product Management and...

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Nasos Gavalas is the co-founder & CEO of Eazybnb (improves the short-term rental system) who loves to build Products, Systems and people's skills.

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